ORIGIN of the “Barefoot Engineers” IDEA

The Barefoot Engineers idea of Philip McMaster of the World Sustainability Organization (WSO) originates from the history of theBarefoot Doctors of China, who did an extraordinary job in raising the lifespan (and in many ways, the standard of living and health) of Chinese people from the 1920’s to the 1970’s.

BFDsmall According to the WHO (World Health Organization), in one 5 year period during the 1960’s, the actions of the Barefoot Doctors are credited for raising the longevity of millions of Chinese people by 5 years – 5 years more life in just 5 years of treatment, in a country as vast and populated as China!

URGENT PLAN of the World Sustainability Organization (WSO)

ENGINEERING Happiness And Sustainability

The accomplishments of the Barefoot Doctors was truly amazing in raising the standard of health in China in a very short period of time – it is our plan that the Barefoot Engineers will accomplish the same as the Barefoot Doctors achieved in the area of Health, through engineering a Lifestyle Of Happiness And Sustainability in structures, infrastructures, systems and procedures.




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